Why Bongs are Preferred for Medical Marijuana Use

Why Bongs are Preferred for Medical Marijuana Use

When it comes to smoking medical marijuana, there are many ways to get high. From joints to pipes to vaporizers, the options are endless. But why settle for average when you can have extraordinary? Bongs have been around for centuries and continue to reign supreme in the world of smoking. Here’s why.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting High: Why Bongs Reign Supreme

What is a Bong?

A bong is a smoking device that uses water to filter and cool the smoke before it enters your lungs. It typically consists of a water chamber, a bowl for the herb, a mouthpiece, and a downstem that directs the smoke into the water. When you inhale, the smoke bubbles through the water, which cools it down and removes any impurities. This results in a smoother, cleaner hit that is easier on your lungs.

Benefits of Using a Bong for Medical Marijuana

  1. Cooler Smoke: As mentioned before, the water in a bong cools down the smoke, making it easier to inhale. This is especially beneficial for medical marijuana users who may have lung sensitivity or respiratory issues.

  2. More Efficient: Bongs are known to be more efficient than other smoking methods. This is because the smoke is filtered through water, which removes any unwanted particles and impurities. This means you can get more out of your herb with each hit, saving you money in the long run.

  3. Higher Concentrations: Bongs are also known for their ability to deliver higher concentrations of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana. This means you can get higher faster, which is beneficial for medical marijuana users who need quick relief.

Types of Bongs

There are many types of bongs available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Glass Bongs: These are the most common type of bong and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are durable, easy to clean and provide a smooth hit.

  • Silicone Bongs: These are a newer type of bong that are made from silicone instead of glass. They are virtually indestructible, making them ideal for travel and outdoor use.

  • Gravity Bongs: These bongs use gravity to pull the smoke into the chamber, resulting in a more intense hit. They are not recommended for beginners or those with lung sensitivity.

Say Goodbye to Boring Joints and Hello to Elevated Bliss with Bongs

Why Bongs are Better Than Joints

While joints may be the go-to for many smokers, they have their downsides. Here’s why bongs are a better option:

  • Cooler Smoke: Joints can burn hot, resulting in harsh smoke that is hard on your lungs. Bongs, on the other hand, use water to cool down the smoke, making it easier to inhale.

  • More Efficient: Joints can be wasteful, as they can burn unevenly and require constant relighting. Bongs, on the other hand, provide a more consistent hit and are known for their efficiency.

  • Higher Concentrations: Joints are known for their slow burn, which means it may take longer to feel the effects of the herb. Bongs, on the other hand, deliver higher concentrations of THC, resulting in a faster and more intense high.

How to Use a Bong

Using a bong is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Fill the chamber with water: Make sure the water is just above the downstem. Too much water can cause the bowl to get wet and too little water can result in harsh smoke.

  2. Pack the bowl: Grind up your herb and pack it into the bowl. Make sure it is not too tightly packed, as this can restrict airflow.

  3. Light the herb: Use a lighter to light the herb while inhaling from the mouthpiece. Make sure to inhale slowly and steadily to avoid coughing.


Bongs offer a unique and elevated smoking experience that is hard to beat. They are more efficient, deliver higher concentrations of THC and are better for your lungs than other smoking methods. So why settle for boring joints when you can enjoy the benefits of a bong? Give it a try and see for yourself why they reign supreme in the world of smoking.

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