The Proper Way to Store Your Bong

The Proper Way to Store Your Bong

So, you finally got your hands on a beautiful bong. Congratulations! Now, you need to make sure you store it properly to ensure it lasts you a long time. Proper storage will not only help keep your bong clean but also prevent any damage to it. From basement to bookshelf, here are some tips for high-quality storage.

Bong Storage 101: Keeping Your Piece Safe and Sound

Clean Your Bong Before Storing

Before you store your bong, make sure it’s clean. Resin buildup can damage the glass and make it harder to clean later. To clean your bong, use a cleaning solution or soak it in rubbing alcohol and salt. This will make sure that your bong is ready for use when you need it.

Keep Your Bong in a Safe Place

When storing your bong, make sure to keep it in a safe and secure place, away from any potential damage. You don’t want your bong to accidentally fall or get knocked over. Choose a spot where it won’t be disturbed, and make sure it’s out of reach of any pets or children.

Store Your Bong Upright

When placing your bong in storage, always store it upright. This way, water won’t spill out and damage any surfaces. Additionally, storing your bong upside down can cause debris to collect in the stem, making it challenging to clean.

From Basement to Bookshelf: Tips for High-Quality Storage

Use a Protective Case

If you plan on taking your bong with you on the go, invest in a protective case. A case will help keep your bong safe from any damage, and it will also make it easier to transport. There are many different types of cases available, so find one that fits your bong’s size and shape.

Display Your Bong with Pride

If you want to show off your bong, consider displaying it on a bookshelf or in a glass cabinet. This will keep it safe from any damage while also showing it off to your guests. Just make sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Invest in a Humidor

If you have an expensive or rare bong, consider investing in a humidor. A humidor will keep your bong safe from any moisture, which can cause mold or mildew to form. Additionally, a humidor will help prevent any odor that may come from your bong.

Don’ts for Bong Storage
Don’t store your bong in direct sunlight.
Don’t store your bong in a damp or humid place.
Don’t store your bong in a place where it can get knocked over.

In conclusion, proper bong storage is crucial for keeping your piece safe and sound. Follow these tips, and your bong will last you a long time. Remember to keep it clean, store it upright, and keep it in a safe place. With the right storage, you’ll be able to enjoy your bong without any worries.

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